Primary Election: Tuesday April 6th,2021 || General Election 6/8/2021

Meet William E. Egner

Hello, I am William E. Egner. I am running for Alderman At Large as a Democratic Candidate for the City of Horn Lake, Mississippi. I am a sixty-nine years old, was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated from Trinity High School in 1970. I served four years active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 1971 to 1975 as an air traffic controller. I spent most of my military service stationed at Quantico, Virginia.

I grew up in a Labor Union household. My dad served as a local union official for thirty years. As a teenager I delivered newspapers for five years for The Courier Journal and Louisville Times, I fried chicken for the real Colonel Sanders and I worked in a school supply warehouse.

In Memphis, working for the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller for five and a half years and as a member of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization I went on strike in 1981. Nineteen eighty-two brought work for me at Corner Grocery & Deli, a local and privately owned convenient store company. In 1989 I joined the ownership of Corner Grocery. Owning or managing as many as twenty convenient stores at one time, supervising all or in part as many as one hundred and fifty employees gave me a well rounded view of labor / management. I sold my last store in Southaven, MS in November 2012. In July of 2013 I went to work for Hollywood Feed a pet food and pet needs company based in Memphis. I retired from Hollywood Feed in April 2020 because at the age of sixty-nine I feared exposure to Covid-19. I think of Hollywood Feed as home.

A man of faith and hope, I am married with two step daughters, two sons and four grand children.  I am proud of them all.

I feel that my experience in Labor and Management will bring a better balance of decision making to the city government of Horn Lake, Mississippi.

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"A Balanced Horn Lake"